Empower Your Journey by Becoming an NBMBAA® Member

As an member, you will:
Positively impact/strengthen the intellectual and economic quality of life for African-American men and women. Encourage and support young African-Americans who are interested in pursuing careers in management. Become the catalyst for developing innovative solutions and approaches for increasing the number of African-Americans in business, management, educational programs throughout the world.
Procedures for Becoming Eligible for Full Chapter Status (Interest Group)
The following are the steps that must be taken in order to become eligible for full chapter status. Form an ‘Interest Group’ of a minimum of fifteen undergraduate students interested in membership Solicit the support of at least one faculty or professional advisor (This individual will need to be or become a full financial member of the NBMBAA.) Prepare petition for interim collegiate chapter status. (Form A in the appendix) Complete the list of charter members and the name of your faculty advisor(s) Form B Provide a list of chapter officers (see Form C: sample By-laws, article III) Develop a twelve-month strategic plan that is aligned with the NBMBAA mission including: fund development strategy calendar of events budget organizational structure Prepare chapter by-laws using the sample provided as a template (see Form C) Submit petition and supporting documentation for Interim chapter status to the national office Complete member reporting form with information of each individual requesting membership A representative from our national office will review the above materials and make an initial site visit.
Procedures for Interim Chapters
Subsequent to receiving approval from the NBMBAA national office the following steps will take place: Submit member application detail Receive invoice for charter chapter members plus chapter affiliation fee School submits payment for applications and chapter affiliation fee Students receive welcome packets Chapter receives chapter resource manual, charter certificate and requirements for full chapter status The national office representative will conduct quarterly evaluations to determine the chapter’s compliance with NBMBAA procedures Within the first year chapter and national office will schedule an official site visit to determine chapter’s readiness for full chapter status Submit application for full chapter status Achieve full chapter status through approval by the NBMBAA national headquarters, (after operating as an interim collegiate chapter for a minimum of twelve months and a maximum of 24 months).
Review of Potential Chapters
When ALL of the requested information has been submitted and it has been determined by National Headquarters that the potential chapter has successfully implemented key components of its strategic plan, the National Headquarters will review submitted materials and make a recommendation whether the potential chapter should be granted full collegiate chapter status. Approval by National Headquarters is required in order for the potential chapter to be presented to the Board of Directors for consideration of full collegiate chapter status. Approval by National Headquarters is required in order for the potential chapter to be presented to the Board of Directors for consideration of full collegiate chapter status. Upon approval of the Executive Committee, the petition for full collegiate chapter status shall be brought to National Headquarters. The National Headquarters shall notify the potential chapter in writing of the Board of Director’s decision.
Chapter Support Overview
The NBMBAA National Headquarters shall work with the chapter to provide direction and assistance with its efforts to organize as a chapter. Technical assistance shall consist of strategy development for funding, programming, positioning and marketing of the organization. National Headquarters shall provide written quarterly assessments of the chapter’s performance until such time as the interim collegiate chapter has been granted full chapter status.